#85 – With A Little Help From My Friends… (Part II)

With a brief interlude, and also because I passed the 40,000 total view mark in just under 13 months on Flickr, and after a stream-of-consciousness post hammered out within 15 minutes, at Kara’s suggestion, I’m resuming my post series, where I’m highlighting and thanking some of the people who have played a significant part in my emergence online, and in real life. My journey is still continuing; My story is still being written, and everyone here, and elsewhere, is a part of it.

For reference, please see the last post, “With A Little Help From My Friends… (Part I)

Juli – One of my first friends on PINKessence, and one of the people responsible for me getting out in public, and joining the River City Gems up in Sacramento, CA. She was one of the first to welcome me, and I always enjoy talking to her. Thanks for sitting with me at my first public social event, and I hope to see you again in person very soon! “Juli, I can’t say ‘Thank You!’ enough,” exclaimed Julie Anne. ^_^;

Felicity – A.k.a. “Flic”, from New Zealand, and one of the first people to talk to me in chat during my first night on PE. She asked questions that made me look deep inside myself to see what I truly want, and to see how I could relate to others I would meet online. It seemed daunting and confrontational at first, but it turned out for the best. I can’t thank her enough, because she also is helping me ultimately determine my goals as I progress through the journey I’m on. She’s planning to visit some of us here in the USA over this year, and I hope we can meet up. (I also have a feeling she’s going to finish what I started, dragging me the last few inches out of my closet, but that might not necessarily be a bad thing. ^_^; ) – Thanks again, friend, and thank you for the “welcome honey x0x0” on that first night.

Kara – A girl with similar circumstances to me, but she’s done more in this world than I have. She, like myself, is coming to terms with herself, and learning to leave “him” behind, though she’s in an area of the Midwestern USA that’s not quite conducive to someone learning to embrace the woman inside her at this time in her life. We talk on a regular basis most nights, both on Facebook and PINKessence. She’s opening my eyes to music I haven’t considered before, or I may have forgotten, and she and I have traded back our mutual appreciation of corny Horatio Caine (CSI: Miami) one-liners. ^_^; I’m glad she’s another good friend of mine here online. Kara, I’m hoping you realize your dreams, and overcome any obstacles in your way.

Zoe – One of two girls I know from Phoenix, and probably one of two friends I’ll be making over there, if I end up moving to Arizona. She, and her love, Sophia, have been very welcoming to me, and we talk often. She is blogging her experiences online, and knows a lot more about beauty and cosmetology that I do, and I could learn some valuable things from her. Zoe, I’m hoping things look up for you on the job front, and things go well for you and your kids, and I hope all the best for you and your goth kitty, Sophia. ^_^;

Sophia – Zoe’s lovely goth girl, who’s overcoming a lot of odds to become the woman she’s always been. She’s probably going to be the one to draw out the inner goth-in-denial within me, and I’d surrender willingly. Stay well, Sophia, and I’ll look forward to hopefully meeting you and Zoe on one of my upcoming trips to Phoenix, or make my way up to Flagstaff, if you two make it up there.

Stay tuned for Part III, coming to a blog near you! ^_^;

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