#83 – With A Little Help From My Friends… (Part I)

Just a few people out there I’d like to acknowledge. I may not get to everyone this time around, but I value everyone who I’ve made the effort to connect with, and those who have friended me back as well. We need friends, especially in our journey. We are not autonomous beings, no matter what we’re told by the world around us.

Paddywacks – A.k.a. Francine, who I met through Flickr. She was the first person who asked me (On my boy-mode Flickr account, no less) if I dressed up. I told her, and she was the first person I came out to. She’s been at this longer than I have, and she’s talented in making her own outfits, modifying shoes, appreciating music, collecting toys and coins, and other things. It’s a shame we’re not closer to each other. I do want to pay her a visit one of these days. Never say never… ^_-;

Bridget – Paddywacks and I were a couple of her admirers. I found Bridget on Flickr in the summer of 2009. I don’t know what else I can say about her that hasn’t been said by others. She’s very good at creating outstanding looks, be it goth, fantasy, classy, playful, or even normal looks. She’s an avid collector of many things, reads a lot more than I do, and even mixes and creates her own music. She’s done so much within the last few years, and even though she’s vanished from most of the internet for now, she served as one of the major pushes out of the closet for me. She is, and continues to be, an inspiration for me. Hopefully, someday, we will meet. Until then, I wish her the best of luck in what she’s doing now.

Bree – A.k.a. Brittany Alicia, she and I seem to have so much in common, it’s like we’re sisters. (And we are, on Facebook! ^_^; ) – She’s been an inspiration to me as well, and we talk often, either via Flickr or Facebook. She’s been there for me when I’ve been feeling out of sorts, and I’m there for her. If I travel eastward, she is going to be one of the people I make it a point to visit.

Punno – Known as Christine, she’s the ex-girlfriend of one of my DJ friends from San Francisco. I came out to her by accident (The classic replying to one of her Facebook posts with the “wrong” Facebook. ^_^; ), but she’s been cool with it, and oddly, I interact with her online a lot more via the Julie Anne FB than I do in boy-mode. ^_^; I met her a couple years ago when she came here from Australia, before she met me as Julie Anne, and it was an interesting time. I wish her the best, and thank her for putting a few music suggestions on my iPod. She’s one of the cisgendered gals I am thankful for in my life.

Alyssa – One of Bree’s friends on Flickr, she’s into strappy high heels, music (making her own, collecting and using old-school home audio gear from decades past), collecting toys she grew up with (Ask either of us about old-school Star Wars figures and vehicles sometime!) and portraying a comfy, classy, and sometimes playful image of herself. She’s another girl I have quite a bit in common with.

More in Part II!

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