#84 – Sleep Is Overrated… ^_^;

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programme, “With A Little Help From My Friends… (Part II)” To Bring You The Following Julie Anne Project Special Presentation… ^_^;

(Only because my friend Kara T mentioned it – Yes, I am that easily impressionable – Why do you think I got into CSI: Miami, and became Yet Another Horatio Caine Cheesy One-Liner Fan?)

(Oh, it gets better – I watched my first full CSI: Miami episode this past weekend – It was a good one, though it was a repeat from Spring Break 2010 – and ironically, the one-liner that went right into the opening titles wasn’t spoken by Horatio this time… Awww.. ^_^; )

The first three days of 2011 were Dead Julie days, mainly because of my screwed up sleep habits, not having much of a plan, staying up most of the nights chatting with my girlfriends on PINKessence, and also the fact that it was either raining, or just cold outside. (And it’s been really cold the last couple of days, what with our area’s old familiar friend, the Tule Fog, drifting in. It’s a big, moist, cold, gray time out here, it’s chilly after the sun goes down, and kind of discouraging to even think of going outside. 😛 )

Tuesday saw me getting up early for a job networking workshop, actually dedicating an entire day counting meals and keeping track of my Weight Watchers points. (Goal, at least one day completed every week, ramping up to all seven days… I’m trying to start out gradually… I need to, I’ve been getting lazy. :P) I came back in the afternoon, after getting some office supplies (resume paper, envelopes, labels, folders to hold my job search stuff and Employment Development Dept. papers, and the paperwork from my last job, as well as a portfolio.), jumping on here, and seeing… Well, seeing some things that really got to me. I was afraid some other friends of mine would leave PINKessence, and I was really worried, since there had be some major drama going on within the first couple days of this year.

So, if you were seeing my posts on Facebook on Tuesday, and wondered what it was all about – Yeah, that was it. Anyway, I talked with a couple friends I was concerned about, and one of my friends even made it back on, although not staying on as often as she did prior to the end of the year.

Anyway, I took care of some things I wanted to get taken care of, as far as reentering college, most likely for the shortened Summer semester, but definitely in the Fall for sure. I returned for the second job networking workshop of the day, and afterward, headed to the mall to do some shopping. (Yeah, how stereotypical of me, but I had my sights on some items that were on sale – If you’re lucky, I’ll get some pictures up in the next few days, or at least sometime next week. ^_^;)

I was planning to head out to San Jose today, but I was a dork, and stayed up all night talking, and battling my “It Girl” Facebook game addiction. (That game is addicting, but I’ve got other addictions to deal with.) I’m moving the itinerary to tomorrow. (Friday) Wish me well. ^_^;

Friday night brings a local showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and also preparations for Saturday, when I’ll be heading up to Sacramento, probably to spend a few hours in the daylights hours at a local anime convention (in boy-mode), and leaving that around late afternoon to head to the River City Gems 3rd Anniversary social. It’s going to be a fun day, to say the least.

Sunday…. Well, I’ll worry about that when Sunday is upon me. ^_^;

Stay tuned for the next installment of “With A Little Help From My Friends…” shortly… Hugs and kisses! ^_^;

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