#82 – Pardon The Rubble…

Yes, the site looks different – The short story is this: I tried upgrading the theme I used, and it broke. It broke so bad that the entire site wouldn’t display at all until I switched to a backup theme. (I proceed to reinstall a previous version, still 1-2 steps up from what I was using, and basically had to re-tweak everything – sidebar widgets, color, placement of elements, etc.)

I’m happy with how it looks now – I hope it doesn’t seem too busy, or harsh on your eyes. Let me know what you think. (Oh! Apparently I got reCaptcha integration to work, finally. Google Friend Connect is off for now.)

Enjoy! Expect more outings and adventures coming up within the next few days!

One thought on “#82 – Pardon The Rubble…”

  1. Hi Julie Anne! 🙂 I just noticed your “notice” on FB about your page here, and I thought I’d stop by and check it out(I was gonna say “check you out”, but I’m not that kinda girl. :D)(wait, yes I am, but that’s another storeee), and I am very impressed! I really like the layout, very cool(believe me, I know nuttin’ about setting up and manipulating web sites…trying to learn a bit on my Blogger/Blogspot site) hon! And, speaking of, I need to head over to my page in a bit. Oh, and thanks again for stopping by my FB page! Maybe someday I’ll get as much traffic as Lady Gaga!(Uh, gag me with a spoon, Kells, I don’t think so!!) Anyway girl, take care, and best wishes with “Who Is Julie Anne”!


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