#80 – Now That I Know I Have An Audience…

… No matter how small it is (for now), I’d better write something here a few times a week, no matter how brief it may be. Pictures, perhaps? I do have new pictures over on my Flickr! Adventures from going out, or taking even more steps towards going out on my own as Julie Anne mainstream? (Still in the works for 2011!)

Expect more of what I’ve done here, hopefully a bit more focused. For now, I’ll be updating from the road for the next few days, but always working towards my eventual goal – Either being a part time girl out in the mainstream, or perhaps going full-time, either non-op, or pre-op towards full transition.

There is no deadline. The goal is a moving, variable target. What matters most is that I’m on the journey, even it it doesn’t seem like I’m making much progress.

Hugs and kisses! ^_^

(P.S.: Hi, Kara and Kris! ^_^; )