#81 – And So, What A Year I’ve Had…

A year ago at this time, I began the process of coming out, and coming to terms with the feminine side of me. I’ve been trying to it for over 25 years, but circumstances in 2009 had me rethink and revisit what I had kept hidden away…

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#80 – Now That I Know I Have An Audience…

… No matter how small it is (for now), I’d better write something here a few times a week, no matter how brief it may be. Pictures, perhaps? I do have new pictures over on my Flickr! Adventures from going out, or taking even more steps towards going out on my own as Julie Anne mainstream? (Still in the works for 2011!)

Expect more of what I’ve done here, hopefully a bit more focused. For now, I’ll be updating from the road for the next few days, but always working towards my eventual goal – Either being a part time girl out in the mainstream, or perhaps going full-time, either non-op, or pre-op towards full transition.

There is no deadline. The goal is a moving, variable target. What matters most is that I’m on the journey, even it it doesn’t seem like I’m making much progress.

Hugs and kisses! ^_^

(P.S.: Hi, Kara and Kris! ^_^; )

#79 – Random Thoughts And Scenes From My Holiday Family Trip

(This entry was posted to Facebook, and to my blog at PINKessence last night. Even online, I am a “girl on the go” ^_^; )

I’m just going to throw these out without too much of a lead-in, set-up, or anything along those lines. If I try to get elaborate, the core meaning’s going to get lost in a sea of words.

About a week ago, my mom and I set out to visit my sister and her husband, in Phoenix, AZ. We spent about two days driving out, and two days driving back. We had about two and a half days to hang out, exchange gifts, go out to eat, and do some things we liked. (My winning $100 at the horse races at the end of the day was icing on the cake, but that’s not important right now.)

What is important is a series of steps where I’m continually priming the pump for “The Talk,” as in, something along the lines of “Mom… Sis… I have something very important to tell you.”, and probably somewhere in there, “Sis, remember back when I was 14 and you had the idea for me to dress up like a girl for Halloween?” ^_^;

There is the question that maybe, they know, or suspect, but haven’t let on, and they’re just waiting for me to tell them.

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#78 – Holiday Present 4: Yes, She Does Video Too…

This was an eventual plan of mine, to get in front of a camera and take video, if nothing else, to prove that I do exist as more than just words and still pictures.

Yes, it’s a webcam, and yes, I don’t quite sound as good I expect to, but the reality is, I’ve only been doing this on a semi-regular basis since April 2010, and hey – Everyone had to start somewhere.

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#76 – Holiday Present 2: A New Sketch Attempt…

Something I’ve been working on, and have had plans to do since late last month. Who is she? Is she me? Is she someone else I know? Is she whoever you want her to be? Who is she? Who am I? Am I myself? Are you who you are?

Don’t think too hard. Just take a look, and try not to stare too much. I won’t be held accountable for any damage to your screen. ^_^;

Sketch in Progress...

This image was done entirely on an Android-powered cell phone, running Android OS 2.1, and Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile (full version) – Amazing, is it not? ^_^;

#75 – Holiday Present 1: Catching Up With Pictures, Part 1 of ?

Fasten your seatbelts, darlings – Get ready for some catching up on here. You’ve seen a few of the adjustments here and there, now get ready to see some pictures you may have not seen! (Unless you’ve been to my Flickr already, then you can just sit tight and wait for some words! ^_^; )

Wave 1:
Emerald Extravaganza 2010 - Julie Anne Morgan 010 Emerald Extravaganza 2010 - Julie Anne Morgan 013 Emerald Extravaganza 2010 - Julie Anne Morgan 017 Emerald Extravaganza 2010 - Julie Anne Morgan 020
Emerald Extravaganza 2010 - Julie Anne Morgan 027 Emerald Extravaganza 2010 - Julie Anne Morgan 030 Emerald Extravaganza 2010 - Julie Anne Morgan 051 Emerald Extravaganza 2010 - Julie Anne Morgan 059
Above photos by Kelly Pendleton of Photography by Kel, of Sacramento, California.

#74 – ‘Tis The Season For Renovating The Blog Site…

Mostly under the hood updates. In this session:

  • Adding in Google Friend Connect. (Let me know if it’s working or broken – It took me about three hours to figure out how to get the widget to display. ^_^; )
  • Fixing the subdomain issue that was broken more or less since the beginning of the site in June 2010. Instead of displaying julieanne.networkr3.com, it would display networkr3.com/julieanne – Apparently, it’s due to how WordPress works. I can either set it to resolve as I wish it to, and just do all my admin from the dashboard log in, or set it back as a work around to edit in the actual site view. It’s a minor inconvenience, kind of like a food scrap in between my teeth.
  • Scrapping reCaptcha, since it’s broken with the theme I’m using. At least there’s Akismet, and I resume my duties as human spam screener. All comment spam gets sent to /dev/null, as always.
  • Sexy Bookmarks broke slightly with the latest update to it. I’ve switched to the beta style for it. I’ll switch back if I can, or if it breaks again. I’m sure I’m not the only one being surprised. ^_^;
  • Catching up with photo updates, and events since October, as well as anything else on my mind, like the holidays, and figuring out where I’m headed in 2011 and beyond.

I’m expecting a few days of quiet and sanity between now and New Years’, so I’ll pick up where I left off. New events commence after the 1st – Let’s see what Year Two brings! Stay Tuned!

(P.S.: Yeah, I moved the PINKessence badge – Now it shows up at the top of every center column. Be warned, if you’re running on a screen with a resolution of less than 1024 pixels across, the layout will break somewhat. ^_^; The compromises we make for the sake of building out the site… This is part of what I’ve done for about the past 15 years…. 15 years, starting out from crafting all the HTML by hand. Wow… That IS a long time, isn’t it? Don’t hassle me about my age, ok?)