#68 – New Photos! (New Text Coming Very Soon!)

…Not like I’d let the site fade away. I’m just waiting to make some time to hide myself away and catch up on the past three weeks’ worth of my life since I started attending events with the River City Gems group, up in Sacramento, CA.

Yes, I know, I need to catch up on blogging about my time at River City Sparkle at the beginning of the month, and then the Halloween party this past weekend. Next Gems event I’m hoping to make is the November social, happening on Saturday the 13th! Sorry, between hanging out on PINKEssence, and playing Lord Of The Rings Online and Dynasty Warriors Online, they’re taking up most of my waking hours. ^_^;

Anyway, some of the most recent pictures since the beginning of the month!

River City Sparkle 2010 - Just Your Average California Career Girl Wednesday Evening in Knockarounds... Me At River City Sparkle 2010
Me at River City Gems' Halloween Party 10-23-2010 (Schoolgirl Take 2) Me at River City Gems' Halloween Party 10-23-2010 (Schoolgirl Take 1) IMG_8782_edit_crop IMG_8793_edit_crop
IMG_8799_edit_crop IMG_8806_edit_crop IMG_8806_edit_crop IMG_8828_edit_crop
IMG_8836_edit_crop IMG_8846_edit_crop_1 IMG_8846_edit_crop_2 IMG_8861_upload

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