#66 – Yes, Still Alive – Now, Onward: Finally, A Decent Dream…

(Yes, it’s been a while since I did regular posts. I’ve just been doing the usual – Unwinding after River City Sparkle (Don’t worry – The long-promised post of my night, and the following morning – will be on its way soon! Really!), catching up on Lord Of The Rings (Playing the online multiplayer role playing game, as well as re-watching the extended editions of the Peter Jackson film trilogy.), and, of course – Getting back into the job search. Normal broadcasting is resuming, because… Well… This blog is more or less about me chronicling my journey.)

This one is about a dream I had this morning, and frankly, any nights’ sleep where I remember my dreams is a good sleep, indeed…

“Finally, A Decent Dream…” – …Or at least one of the few en femme dreams I remember, given my “catnap” amount of sleep I had last “night” (At least I was up before noon. ^_^; )

This dream seemed to pick up where my weekend of October 9th up in Sacramento, CA for River City Sparkle 2010 left off, probably because I’m thinking of the upcoming Halloween costume party this coming weekend. It’s funny, however, instead of the costume party, I saw myself at the next social event back at the hotel Sparkle was held at.

Obviously, in the dream, I’m still working on presenting myself, and getting comfortable around other girls. This is, indeed, like my second adolescence. In some ways, I am feeling like I’m 15 or 16 years old again, but not like I was in boy-mode. Maybe that’s a good thing for me. Ironically, my Halloween costume I’m hoping to debut this year at the River City Gems Halloween party is a schoolgirl outfit, in the style of Anne Hathaway from The Princess Diaries.

My voice isn’t perfect, but what I wear has an effect on me. In boy-mode, I normally gravitate towards keying my voice downward, especially at the ends of sentences, usually trying for the lower end of the high register male voice I was gifted with. However, when I’m dressed up, I’m more soft-spoken, I don’t have to push it, I just go with it, and what feels naturally.

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