#60 – Ultraman, Birdy, and Norman – One Body, Two Souls (Teaser)

Yet Another Placeholder Post – A longer entry is coming later today.

Ultraman – From the original 1960s live-action tokusatsu (special effects) series, created by Eiji Tsubaraya. In this case, the original Ultraman accidentally killing an Earthman, Shin Hayata, and merging his own lifeforce with Hayata’s, in order to allow Hayata to live, and also offering Hayata his powers as Ultraman to save his “adpoted” planet.

Birdy – From Birdy The Mighty (Tetsuwan Birdy) – From the 1990s anime, based upon the manga created by Masami Yuuki (Part of the Patlabor “Headgear” team), similar in premise (somewhat) to Ultraman, in which a super-powered intergalactic police officer inadvertently kills an Earthling while in pursuit of criminals. In this case, the human is a high school-age boy, and the alien super cop is a similar-age young woman. If you can track the anime down, check it out.   ^_^;

Norman – Of course, though this might freak out some folks, from Norman Bates from the Psycho film series, primarily the original one from the early 1960s. At least in the aspect that (big spoiler) towards the end of the film, it came to light that Norman didn’t really exist substantially outside of his “mother” persona. (Of course, if you saw the late 1990s “remake” with Vince Vaughn, Anne Heche, and Viggo Mortensen, you more or less know this already.)

Disclaimer and Disclosure: I am not a victim of abuse, nor do I have dissociative identity disorder, nor am I like Norman was in the film and novel. I just threw out these references to more or less describe how I feel at this point in time.

I’ll expand upon this later on. In the meantime, I have some more pictures to put up, mainly experimenting with my main outfit (return of the Little Black Dress, with enhancements) for River City Sparkle early next month.