#58 – Sick, But Satisfied…

I picked up a cold over the middle of last week. Funny how that happened, especially since I spent most of the past week, and the week before that, in the house, save for a few times out, like last weekend, and yesterday, and one day about a week and a half ago, but I apparently got lucky. You go, girl! 😛

So, I’m sniffling and sneezing, and I’m hoping to beat this, because I’ve got a few things coming up – Primarily, I’ve made the decision to attend my first public event where I’ll meet other folks like myself. I’ve bought a ticket, and booked a hotel room to spend an overnight stay up in Sacramento for River City Sparkle this year, put on by the River City Gems, a relatively new (three years running) transgender support group in the area. (About an hour and half from my hometown.) They have members  from around the area, including the Central Valley (where I’m at), the Bay Area, the Sierra Nevada region, and neighboring states. (In fact, one of my new friends on PINKEssence, encouraged me to attend the event.)

I’ve bought a couple new items of clothing, and will be working hard on presenting myself somewhat better than I am currently. I want to make a good impression. In fact, I’m all aflutter, and I’m looking forward to this event, though it will be my first time “out.” (I’m still a little scared, and nervous. ^_^;)

Despite that, I’ve done some new things recently, like visiting a friend of mine in San Francisco (who does know about me as Julie Anne), realizing how out of shape I was after going to a driving range at Presidio Golf Course, and shanking about half a bucket’s worth of range balls. ^_^; I’m still nursing sore muscles in my arms, wrists, and lower back, but I’m sure I’ll snap back to normal before this week is over.

I’ve also taken the next step in indulging the geek girl within me. I’ve upgraded my cell phone, since it was time for me to do so. (My Samsung A767 “Propel” was looking pretty battered after nearly two years.) I’ve gone the Android route, and I am now the proud owner of a brand-spanking new Samsung Captivate, one of their Galaxy S smartphones. I’m having fun learning the ins and outs of it, though I’m still within my first 24 hours of ownership. I don’t have any major faults with it yet, but it does a hell of a lot more than my last phone. In fact, I’ve just finished installing the USB drivers on my desktop computer, and I’m running it off the PC to charge up the battery, and hopefully find out what else I can do with it while it’s connected to the computer.

I’ll get back to dispatches soon, or at least schedule a few writings, based on what I’ve got floating around in my head, and get them going. Part of the key to maintaining interest and a fan base is to write about something every day, and I know I can write.

See you with the next dispatch!
— Julie Anne

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