#56 – Still Alive, Of Course…

… Just finally feeling the “Crash” from a week of cross-living at home. I’m eagerly awaiting the next opportunity.

At this time, I’m considering joining up with a support group up in Sacramento, CA, called River City Gems. I’ve been encouraged by a couple new friends on PINKEssence to attend their upcoming social event, River City Sparkle, in early October.

I’m still thinking about it, and wondering if I’ll have the courage to show up, let alone get out of the car, get to a changing room and make my entrance as Julie Anne.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Oh, yeah – Hooked on Lord Of The Rings Online since it went to a free-to-play model at the beginning of this month. I can be found online as a female Champion (from the Race of (wo)Men, of course.) – I’m “Julianamorgan” on the Arkenstone world server. I’m on a somewhat random schedule online, usually playing while watching chat in another browser window.

In other news, I’m mourning the missed opportunity to check out I Love It Girl, as they’ve shut down their Fremont base of operations, pending finding “a more suitable venue” – That, along with hearing about the closing down of Adam to Eve saddens me (But then, I’m on a budget, but I would die and go to heaven for the opportunity to get a makeover, and possibly go with others for a night out.)

I guess getting in touch with River City Gems or Diablo Valley Girls are my only other options for this time being.