#50 – Link Added, And Spam Blocking…

I’ve added Gabriella Hermosa’s excellent blog, My CD Life, to the sidebar and Links page here. She’s been at this longer than I have, of course, and it’s always nice to have several role models. From what I’ve read at her page, she’s come to terms with who she is, and she’s “exploring the social taboos of being oneself.” She’s attended high school reunions en femme, and she hasn’t been afraid to file complaints when representatives at a mall kiosk for a major wireless company made some very disparaging remarks about her.

But, most importantly, she’s struggled, suffered shame, and dealt with self-hatred, but she’s come through it all, and accepts who she is, chronicling her experiences, adding a bit of humor, and offering advice to those who are dealing with similar issues, or significant others of crossdressers. Check her site out if you have the chance!

You may notice number in the lower left sidebar, tallying up the number of spam comments trapped. My thanks goes out to Akismet, another fine product by the minds that brought you WordPress. ^_^; To date, I’ve logged 84, and I’ve had one legitimate comment so far. (Thank you, Charlotte/karmatic1110 ^_^;) – In time, as soon as word spread, or people notice my little plinking around here, I’m sure the signal-to-noise ratio will greatly improve, but for now, what gets trapped gets checked by “human” spam filtering, and let me tell you, some of these spammers play mind games, some leave comments seemingly relevant, and some outright insult you for deleting comments, while others point out “issues” your site may have with browsers, images, etc, all in the guise of seeming “legitimate.”

I’ve been a long time spam battler, and I’ve learned my lessons after a decade and a half online. The individual who runs my server shares my feelings on why spam is bad. We’re a good team, working together to keep this site uncluttered – In fact, we work so well together, it’s almost like we’re one and the same person. ^_-;

Thanks for reading, and as always – Hugs and kisses! ^_^
— Julie Anne

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