#48 – In The Company Of Other Tall Girls (Part 3 – 5’9″)

As always, this was inspired by comparing myself to the more or less up-to-date listing by Stana at Femulate.org. (If the day came where I was featured under “The Femulated” section, I’d honestly freak out… ^_^;) I’ve got quite a ways to go in developing my femulation skills.

When Last We Left Our Story… Your humble heroine, Julie Anne, was crying genuine tears of joy that her pet cat was able to come home from the vet, though her little kitty’s going to need to be given some pills and liquid medications a couple times a day, she’s going to get an overabundance of affection, pets, hugs, and general Tender Loving Care. It’s a good thing cats can’t talk “human”, otherwise she’d out me to my mother before I chance to talk to Mom myself. ^_^;

Nonetheless, I speak “cat,” and I’m still 5 foot 9, last I checked, though I could stand to lose some weight (preferably without thyroid issues – I went through enough concerns in my pre-teen years.) – Anyway, you’re not here for my ills, or my cat’s ills, are you? You’re here to see how I measure up (bad pun, I know. ^_-;) to famous ladies of my exact height. Find out more after the jump, brought to you by: Cats – Every home should have one! Besides someone’s can haz cheezburger any time nao pls? ^_^;

And Now: The 5’9″ ladies I admire!

Maud Adams (A Bond Girl twice – in 1974 for The Man With The Golden Gun, and in 1983 for… Octopussy. What I would do with eight cats at home is beyond me. ^_^;)
Lauren Bacall (I read her first book, “By Myself” – I’ve only seen a handful of her films, but she’s a great actress. My heart goes out to her for caring for Humphrey Bogart in his last days.)
Jennifer Beals (Flashdance, The Bride, and oh, yeah – The “L” Word)
Annette Bening (I’ve seen her in The Great Outdoor, Mars Attacks, The Siege, and American Beauty. I need to sit down and watch In Dreams one of these days – I’ll make sure to have a couple boxes of tissue paper handy.)
Candice Bergen (Murphy Brown star, haven’t seen many of her films, but I admire her nonetheless.)
Cate Blanchette (Galadriel from The Lord Of The Rings films, that femme fatale Irina Spalko in the late Indiana Jones film – Dare I say she was the best thing about it? ^_^;)
Mariah Carey (She of the incredibly high notes and ungodly octave range…. If only I could have a fraction of her high register vocal range, I wouldn’t have to worry so much about my voice.)
Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman, now and forever…)
Carol Channing (A legend that apparently makes her home in a city close to where I am. ^_-;)
Cher (What more can I say about her – I will not, however, talk about Chastity. This isn’t the place or time for it.)
Claudia Christian (Could stand to see some more of her work.)
Chelsea Clinton (Daughter of… See below)
Hillary Rodham Clinton (Chelsea’s mom, the First Lady to her husband Bill, and most likely the one with the best chance to be our first female President Of The United States. ^_^;)
Natalie Cole (Unforgettable… Just like her father.)
Jamie Lee Curtis (Former scream queen, Activia spokesperson, and also proof positive that you can be quite attractive with spiky short hair.)
Joan Cusack (A pleasure to see on the big or small screen, either on her own, or with her brother John)
Cameron Diaz (I only seem to like her in certain films, like Any Given Sunday)
Barbara Feldon (The original Agent 99 from Get Smart. “Oh, Max…”)
Jennifer Garner (No, I don’t think I’d have more looks than she did in Alias, but I know someone who could give her a run for the money. ^_^;)
Pam Grier (Cult classic star from the 1970s, and still holds her own. See Jackie Brown if you haven’t already.)
Melanie Griffith (There’s a few films of hers I like, and probably not the ones you think.)
Maggie Gyllenhaal (It was painful watching her in a certain scene in The Dark Knight)
Katherine Heigl (I need to sit down and watch 27 Dresses from start to finish. If I could wear any one of the bridesmaid dresses, I’d try like hell for the goth look. ^_^;)
Katie Holmes (Oh, my… Don’t get me started about her husband Tom Cruise, or Scientology for that matter.)
KD Lang (Of course…)
Sophia Loren (A sin not to admire her… I am half-Italian.)
Tina Louise (Oh, to remember her as she was in Gilligan’s Island as Ginger Grant. She’s still got a rather sexy voice.)
Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Lee Meriwether (Did you know if she married Lee Marvin, she’d be Lee Marvin? ^_-;)
Elizabeth Montgomery (Samantha Stevens from “Bewitched” – I miss her, never mind that one of the two actors to portray “Darren” came out of the closet ages ago.)
Paula Prentiss (Often seen with Richard Benjamin in the 1970s and early 1980s – Do you have any idea who I’m talking about? Wow, I feel old.)
Diana Rigg (Emma Peel, and a rather notable role as a Bond Girl in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.)
Julia Roberts (Pretty Woman, and quite a few other films.)
Diane Sawyer (Notable news anchor, with a career that spanned my entire lifetime so far, and then some.)
Connie Sellecca (Actress, model, known for her roles in The Greatest American Hero and Hotel)
Martha Stewart (So-called domestic guru. Funny, I’ve never studied up on her tips.)
Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman herself, and occasional Select Comfort bed spokesperson. She’s aged a lot better than Lee Majors.)
Paula Zahn (News reporter on four out of five of the most prominent news networks – Do I really have to count Fox News?)

Links coming up when I catch my breath, settle down, and get into something comfortable. Stay tuned for the 5’10” girls coming up!

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