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So, Who Am I?

Cosplayer, freelance self-taught techie, writer, artist, webmaster, collector, transgender, born and raised in California, relocated to Arizona, six degrees apart from anyone else important...

A girl in search of a back story, her identity, the road to who she is.... So, who is Julie Anne? Why don't we find out together, ok? ^_-;

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#48 – In The Company Of Other Tall Girls (Part 3 – 5’9″)

As always, this was inspired by comparing myself to the more or less up-to-date listing by Stana at Femulate.org. (If the day came where I was featured under “The Femulated” section, I’d honestly freak out… ^_^;) I’ve got quite a ways to go in developing my femulation skills.

When Last We Left Our Story… Your

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#47 – In The Company Of Other Tall Girls (Part 2 – 5’8″)

… In which I forgot other famous women who are close to my height. (5’9″, or 1.7526 meters – Thanks, Google! ^_^;)

I’ve noted some more names from Stana’s page over at Femulate.org. Here are the rest of the Class of 5 foot 8 inches, after the jump!

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