#46 – Prelude To An Experiment…

At this moment, I’m sitting at my computer, sporting cute burgundy-painted toenails (I really need a decent pedicure! ^_^;), and wearing some rather comfy pink pajamas, jumping between putting this entry up, and trying out a game.

This is the beginning of about seven days of where I’m going to see how many of my waking hours (And sleeping hours) I can spend as myself, in full-on Julie Anne persona. I am intending to spend as much of my time as Julie Anne, only going back to boy-mode when absolutely necessary.

I’ll chronicle my progress, and hopefully get some pictures up throughout the week. I have the entire house to myself, and I’m going to see how I feel. I’m going to relax, and let the woman within me come forth and take charge for a while.

Stay tuned! (And of course, hugs and kisses! ^_-;)
— Julie Anne

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