#36 – What’s In A Name? (“Classic” Julie Anne)

(Dear Readers: This is a public repost of an entry I posted to my LiveJournal, back around January 2010. Most of my TG-themed entries over there were set to a filtered group – No one was admitted to it, so posts like this one are being showing in public for the first time. I’ve come quite a long way over the past nine months, and the existence of this web site is a testament to that. I couldn’t have done it without seeing how others have paved the way for me, and of course, encouragement from friends on Flickr – You folks know who you are, and you know what I’m going to say — Everything I am today, I owe to each of you!)

So, roll that beautiful bean footage, I’m going to tell you how I came up with my name — Here we go! I’ll see you after the jump!

Here’s another piece of the puzzle – How I came up with my name. For the record, my full name is Julie Anne Morgan.

Well, I remember my mother told me, if I had been born as a girl, she and Dad had the name “Julie Anne” picked out for me, so therefore, I felt I was entitled to it, rather than a feminine version of my boy-mode name. (And no, I’m not giving that information here. I’ll make you work for that bit of information, thank you. Just keep it to yourself, I have not come out of the closet, and I’ll out myself before anyone else outs me. [And I have outed myself to a handful of people out there, most of them close friends.])

The last name came about quite recently, almost exactly a month prior to the creation of this LJ. In fact, it came up for the creation of the Yahoo/AT&T ID that this is linked to, as well as the accompanying Flickr account. Ah, the joys of being the main account holder for the internet service in this house. It was easier than I thought to set up another identity for myself. This is mainly to allow a separate identity than my boy-mode self, as I stated, I have not come out officially. Legally, I do not exist, and I still conduct the majority of my business under my boy-mode identity. Since I wanted nothing tying back to my boy-mode self, the creation of a name almost completely unrelated to my other self was necessary.

The more I think about it, the more I feel “Julie” or “Julie Anne” is well suited for me. Let’s break it down by first, middle and last names, shall we?

Thanks, Google and Wikipedia!
Julie – A name of French origin, which can mean, “Youthful”, “soft-haired”, “beautiful”, or “vivacious”. I’ve always admired this name, I guess. I remember one of my friends from grade school having an older sister named Julie, and I’ve had an appreciation for the English actress/singer Julie Andrews, as well as the French actresses Julie Delpy, and Julie Dreyfus.
Anne – A French variant of the name Anna, which in itself has Hebrew, Greek, and Latin origins, both being able to be shortened to Ann. The name itself suggests “full of grace”, “eagle”, or “favor”. The name was derived from Saint Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary, the grandmother of Jesus.
Morgan – This surname has several origins, tied to Welsh, British, and Irish origins. The Welsh history of the surname suggests it was derived from Morcant, which can mean “great kingdom”, “great tribe”, or “great hundred”. When Morgan is used as a given name for a girl, the most known case being Morgan Le Fay from the legend of King Arthur, where she was as sorceress, with the name meaning “Great queen”.

So, summing up, my full name in girl-mode can suggest that I hail from French and English lineage, and have the potential to be youthful, beautiful, lively, graceful, and destined for greatness, perhaps making a lot of friends, or being part of something greater than myself.

It’s a name I can feel comfortable with, and a name I feel is truly mine, though I am still attached somewhat to my boy-mode name.

One more part of the puzzle: I was the first born in my family, but my mother suffered a miscarriage before she was pregnant with me. I’ve wondered what would have happened if she did have a successful birth before me. In that case, I would have had an older sibling, or possibly have been a middle child, but my folks decided two kids were enough. I have a strong feeling I’d have had an older sister, and I would have looked up to her, as I look up to my younger sister. Perhaps this unborn child found a way to reach out to me, and I’m about to fulfill a chance to allow her to live the life she wasn’t able to. Maybe that’s it? Who knows?

… And so, I have a name, I have a physical presence, so I must exist, in some way.

Thanks for listening, and I do have other “classic” posts to make public here. As always, hugs and kisses! ^_-;
— Julie Anne

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