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So, Who Am I?

Cosplayer, freelance self-taught techie, writer, artist, webmaster, collector, transgender, born and raised in California, relocated to Arizona, six degrees apart from anyone else important...

A girl in search of a back story, her identity, the road to who she is.... So, who is Julie Anne? Why don't we find out together, ok? ^_-;

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#37 – An Observation (One of many…)

I’m starting to notice that it’s really getting to me when I’m referred to as “Sir” by people – When I’m in boy-mode.

I don’t know, I just don’t like it as much as I used to. However, when relating to people in public, I’m still playing the role I’ve been “trained” to do. In

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#36 – What’s In A Name? (“Classic” Julie Anne)

(Dear Readers: This is a public repost of an entry I posted to my LiveJournal, back around January 2010. Most of my TG-themed entries over there were set to a filtered group – No one was admitted to it, so posts like this one are being showing in public for the first time. I’ve come

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#35 – Fantasy Friday Photoshoot!

I love it when a plan I have is realized and completed! This marks the first time I’ve shown off a pair of striped tights I’ve had for a year, along with a couple more somewhat provocative photos in the chain. I’d say I’m getting a bit more courageous.

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