#32 – Monday Afternoon – Girl’s Day In…

I’ve been spending the last couple hours fully dressed up, having some time to myself once again. Allow me to indulge this one adventure in a somewhat “undisclosed location.” ^_^;

I acquired a black jersey racerback maxi-dress over the weekend, and I’m wearing it today, complete with black pantyhose, black 3.5 inch high heels, and my favorite wig, makeup, and jewelry. I’m spending a few hours relaxing, watching afternoon TV (I had a few moments in tears while watching some afternoon talk shows. ^_^;) and generally feeling so relaxed and comfortable.

The maxi-dress is quite form fitting, though I don’t quite have the form to make it totally rock, but it inspires me to do what I need to do, in order to look better in it, as well as any of my other outfits. Also, there’s something about wearing high heeled shoes that just changes the way you stand, walk, feel, and balance yourself. I’ve been getting better with walking around in 3″ heels, and hope to improve. I’ll also be glad when I drop some weight, because, they’re pretty tight in the toebox after a while.

Putting the total image together, and striving to achieve the illusion just has an effect over me. I feel different than I do when I’m “in drab,” or as I call it, “in disguise,” and I feel relaxed, playful, and yes, even a little sexy. ^_-; I’ve been practicing poses, mannerisms, and just trying to “feel like a woman” for most of the last couple hours.

Tomorrow’s to-do list: Bring a camera and a sheet to use as a backdrop. The people who have this location don’t know I’m doing this, but one of them is my friend, and I have told him that I crossdress.

I started this, so many years ago, and I will see it through.

To Be Continued…

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