#29 – Collecting My Thoughts, Planning The Next Entry (Or Entries)

I just finished reading through a couple of sites that presented some topics that made me sad, and disillusioned, and again, questioning the road I seem to be travelling.

Diana at Salad Bingo, and Halle at Maintaining the Façade both referenced the writings of a blogger at the Catholic Exchange portal website, where said individual was replying to a Catholic transsexual woman looking for guidance to find her place in the church, only to find a reiteration and statement on the Roman Catholic church’s position on transsexuals in the Catholic church. I’m not even going to dignify Catholic Exchange with a direct link to their article – Go and Google for it if you’re curious.

(For the record, I was born and baptized Catholic, I attended a Catholic high school for three out of my four years in high school, but I was never confirmed, nor have I ever been to confession, and technically, I’m not even worthy of receiving communion. Hearing about this article, along with living with the Catholic church’s stance on gay marriage and birth control, is just another decisive reason for me to walk away from the religion I was baptized into. I do believe in God, and I would like to think I’m more than just God’s “Great Cosmic Joke,” but if I ever want to seek some sort of truth and understanding, or even become part of a church group, like my Mom keeps suggesting to me, it’s not going to happen in Catholicism. I don’t think I can ever return to a church that would wish me dead rather than accept me.)

And then, I read up on a sort of closure to the sad tale of LA Times sports columnist Mike Penner, or as he was known briefly, Christine Daniels, in two articles in LA Weekly. (here and here.) My eyes were watering up by the time I got to the end.

Why the hell is the path so damned difficult and filled with misunderstanding and heartbreak, and other issues that can steer us towards choosing to give up, or die, rather than stand up and fight to make our way to live our lives as we wish to do?

I’ll have more to say about this, after I rest, and collect my thoughts. (And, maybe I’ll try to spread the word about this site – I’d love to hear from actual human beings, rather than the fucking spambots I’ve been dealing with.) Yes – I live, and I think, and I write. On occasion, I’ll post, and not always about makeup, clothes, and all the girly things that I seem to like, and make me happy from time to time. Life isn’t always sugar and rainbows, but then, if it was, then it wouldn’t be life, would it?

Stay tuned, friends…

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