#25 – A Few More Steps (Or: A Few More Miles…)

Just a few words to say while I wait for my latest photos to upload to Flickr…

After dinner, and a few replies to Bree, a girl I know in Alabama, I was feeling a bit tired after watching “Mad Men” after dinner, so I decided to get some fresh air before it got too late.

At times over the last few months, I have gone out at night dressed up, and drove around the area in my car. It’s sort of progress, though your car is an extension of your home. (Hey, I’m not the only one who’s gone out driving en femme.) – This time, I decided to give myself a little challenge. I wanted to see if I could work the brake and gas pedals while wearing my 3″ heels. After a quick refresher tutorial on walking in heels, (Thanks, YouTube! ^_^; I’m making progress – The keys are to remember: heel-toe, heel-toe, start out slow, don’t keep the knees stiff, don’t make the thighs do the work, chest out and up, stomach in (Work those abs! It helps!) – I’m a bit more confident and less prone to stumbling, but I still need work, and of course, refinement of my walk.) it was out to the car, getting out of the garage, down the street, and off around the city.

With the next round of pictures, I’ll showcase what I wore while going out. (Yes, I brought my purse with me – why not? I skipped the earrings, because – Well, clip-ons hurt after a while. I hope before this year is over, I can work up the courage to get my ears pierced.) – The drive went well, taking a route out of town, briefly onto the highway (A first for me after 3-4 times out driving dressed up), then back into town, heading home through downtown. I was out for about 30 minutes, and it went without any incident. No speeding, no issues with the car, mechanical, electrical or otherwise, no tires exploding, and no encounters with local law enforcement. (But then, I don’t call attention to myself while driving, even in boy-mode. ^_^;) – Working the pedals while wearing heels was pretty easy, but other than that, I still need to work on sliding in and out of the car seat.

There was one casualty: I blew out another pair of tights. ~_~; I guess I’ll need to lose some weight, and be careful when squatting and bending in the meantime. Thank goodness for a couple 24-hour Wal-Marts in the area, and the largest size of their “George” house label tights. ^_^;

Other than that, I was glad to get home, out of the heels, and get a few pictures in before slipping into my favorite black ballet bow flats. After this is done, I’m getting in a quick shower, and the evening skin care ritual, then getting into a comfy nightie. I think I’ll wear my magenta “Pac-Man” one tonight. ^_^;

Good night, with love, hugs and kisses… ^_-;
— Julie Anne

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