#21 – Lauren, Lauren, Lauren… (Sigh…)

Just saw a featurette on Turner Classic Movies about the one, the only, “The Look” herself, Betty Joan Perske, otherwise known to the rest of the world as Lauren Bacall.

There’s just something about her – The face, the eyes (Love those classic arched brows! ^_^;), the characteristic husky voice. Did I mention I’m as tall as her? (5’9″ ^_^;)

I consider myself fortunate to have read her first autobiography, “By Myself”. (One of these days I’ll read the updated version from 2005, as well as “Now”, her second book from 1994.)

On Wednesday, August 25, starting at 3 AM Pacific (6 AM Eastern), TCM is showcasing some of her films for an entire day as part of their Summer Under The Stars event. I’ll be watching (or at least recording) some of her best works, including “The Big Sleep,” “To Have and Have Not,” “Designing Woman,” “Dark Passage,” “Blood Alley,” and “Key Largo”.

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