#20 – If You Could Undergo a “Transformation”… (“Classic” Julie Anne)

(Dear Readers: This is a public repost of an entry I posted to a private group I initially posted my pictures to on my Flickr, back around late April/early May 2010, before I became brave enough to post pictures of myself in entirety publicly on Flickr. I still maintain the group, and it’s where some of the not-quite ready for prime-time pictures go. I owe the people I initially invited there my most sincere gratitude, because, if it wasn’t for their support, I wouldn’t be here today, either posting public photos of myself dressed up on Flickr, or even maintaining this site. Brankingston12, DJ Bridget, Francine, and Gordon – Everything I am today, I owe to each of you!)

“And Now, Our Feature Presentation…” (Originally posted on “My Time To Shine” private group on Flickr on April 25, 2010, at around 3:53 AM PDT.)

If you could undergo a “transformation”… And by transformation, I’m not talking about your own makeup/clothing/wig ritual, or going to a professional service, but physically transforming, by magic, science, or some other method?

DJ Bridget, being the sci-fi fan, told of her young memories of a certain lamp and table in her family’s house, where she envisioned it being a machine that transformed her while she passed under the beam on a conveyer belt. (We could only dream of such a device…)

Me, on the other hand, I was raised on good-old fashioned werewolf films, such as Joe Dante’s “The Howling” and John Landis’ “An American Werewolf In London” (Hands down THE best damn werewolf transformation EVER – Prosthetics and air-bladders and “old-style” special effects win out over CGI, even after nearly 30 years!) – I’d see myself most likely being able to control the change, and initiating at any time I felt I wanted, by concentrating my will, thoughts, and “chi”, to trigger a complex series of chemical, hormonal, and physical processes, but instead of sprouting fur, fangs, and claws, I’d undergo a complete DNA rewrite from the inside out, unlocking the pretty lady hidden away from the world.

Imagine your nails growing out to just the right length and shape, your hair pushing out from your scalp at an ungodly rate, settling into just the right length, style, and perhaps color? Would you want your skin tone and color to change? How about your eye color? Facial feminization without the surgery – Feel your brows and forehead reshaping and becoming not-so-prominent, and perhaps a softening of angles in the jawline? Would your nose reshape, perhaps become a turned-up nose, or perhaps be less broad?

Would you stay the same height you are, or would you want to drop a few inches? (I’m 5’9″, or as I refer to it, “supermodel” height.) You don’t have to worry about being broad-shouldered, and how freaky would it be to feel your rib cage adjust and reshape, as well as your pelvis and hips changing before your eyes? Your skin softens, smoothes out, and tones, and all unnecessary body hair (except where you want it), falls off, receeds, or disappears entirely. Your feet may shrink somewhat, allowing for a more common shoe size (What’s the average now? Womens’ size 7 or 8 for US sizes? Don’t you hate it when you’ve got big feet? (ahem *cough* 11W *koffkoffkoff*), and your hands, wrists, and elbows become smaller and more dainty. (Hey, if it opens up more versatility for bracelets and watches, it’s a good thing, just as it’s somewhat in proportion to your ideal height and build.)

Let’s not forget, the big and and important changes somewhere in the process. From what I’ve heard, we all started out essentially female in the womb, with just the right amount of hormones and other stuff at the right times and amounts in our development telling our hardware just what to develop into. I’m sure it would be scary, but also exciting (and possibly very arousing ^_^;) to feel your male parts changing within you, while they move and arrange into the proper place and position to become your female parts.

Would it hurt while it was going on? Would you be awash in wave after wave of a feeling that would be somewhere between wanting to throw up, nearly unbearable heat (Hey, all those changes take energy, and energy is expended as heat, right?), as your tissues, organs, bones, etc are rearranging in your progression from male to female.

How long would it take for the full transformation to go through? Would it hurt like the dickens at first, and seem to go on for 15 minutes or so, then with each successive shift, be faster and easier on you? Would you even be able to bring yourself to achieve an orgasm near the end of your change? Moreover, would you want the transformation to be a one-way trip, and be permanent, or would you want to be able to revert to boy-mode when needed? (Gah…)

Wow… are you hot and bothered by this? I sure am. (And I’d hope it’s not as nearly comical as David Naughton’s AWIL transformation – You wouldn’t catch me yelling “I didn’t mean to call you a meatloaf, Jack!” while I was shapeshifting – Or as goofy as Tim Daly’s transformations between “Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde.”) I know I’ll sleep well tonight with dreams of this.

I’ve had these dreams often, though at this time and point in my life, I see myself in the “non-op” camp, preferring to start out being a “part-time” girl. But, oh, my… How wonderful to think about it.

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