About Red Skies @ Night

(Note: This entry contains previously released material, primarily the Red Skies @ Night FAQ from the old site.)

Red Skies @ Night is the one-man costume/prop design operation of Production R3, a.k.a. Michael (Raider3), proudly aiming for the back of the bus since 2003. (It’s our 5 year anniversary this year – Yay! Party Party! Fanime celebration – Booyaka!!)

It’s easier than you think to become an honorary member of Red Skies @ Night, but not just anyone can become a member of the team. Some folks, however, have become a part of Red Skies @ Night, whether they know it or not. ^_^;  The first requirement is, of course, that you know Raider3, and are a cosplayer (rookie/novice/pro, we don’t discriminate here – In fact, we pale in comparison to you! ^_^;)

Finally, no, I’m neither dead nor retired. Burned out, maybe, but it’ll pass, given enough time, money, bills paid off, occasionally treating me to sushi, burgers, crab legs, pizza, whatnot.

And now, the somewhat old, yet curiously somewhat relevant FAQ:

Q: Why “Red Skies @ Night”?
A: Because – a) Red is my favorite color, b) It’s the title of a cool, and somewhat underappreciated song by The Fixx, c) I threw the “@” in there in place of the word “at” becuase I felt like it, and, d) It sounded like a good name at the time, while still having links to the Raider3 Universe.

Q: But you’re the only member…
A: Hey, I’ve only been cosplaying since 2003. Give me some time, ok? Did I mention that I am also a one-man web design team? ^_^;

Q: What’s the “design works” aspect of Red Skies @ Night?
A: I strive to develop all prop-related items for my costumes in-house. My drive to improve my skills has yielded improvements in a couple of my existing costumes, mainly the completion of my UN Spacy uniform for “Hikaru Ichijo/Rick Hunter”, primarily replacing the cardboard elements for the belt, and making a plastic mask for my Char Aznable costume to replace the cardboard one. (Which, unfortunately, that plastic mask did not survive Fanime 2005… Back to the drawing board.) As my skills, material choices and fabrication techniques improve, expect to see a lot more projects down the road.

Q: Are you planning to do any recent series costumes, such as the state alchemist uniform from FullMetal Alchemist, or any other recent series/OAVs/movies?
A: If I see it, I like it, and I can adapt it to my own style, and I don’t look too atrocious in it, who knows? If you’ve seen me, due to my size, I’m somewhat limited in what I can do, unless I really like the characters/shows in question, in which case, part of that personal policy goes right out the window. ^_^;

Q: How long have you been cosplaying?
A: As I stated above, 2003 – March 2003, to be specific.

Q: Why do you usually bring certain costumes like Bean Bandit or Char Aznable to just about every event you go to, even after two years or more?
A: Because there are some costumes I never get tired of. Bean Bandit was my second costume, and is one of my signature cosplays, along with Tanaka from Otaku No Video. (Mainly because of my resemblance to him, both in appearance and otaku mindset.)

Q: Ok, why do you cosplay as Tanaka cosplaying as Char Aznable?
A: That was related to a more recognizable Otaku No Video cosplay, since most people may not pick up on Tanaka in street clothes. Not many people will get it off hand, or at least only recognize me cosplaying as Char. I have to say, even a year after making the costume, The Red Comet grows on you. You have to be a long-time fan of Gainax, or at least have seen Otaku No Video 1982 and More Otaku No Video 1985 at least once or more to pick up on the fact that I’m cosplaying an anime character cosplaying as another anime character. I like to mess with peoples’ heads in that aspect. ^_^;

Q: Please tell me you’re not ever going to think of crossplaying!
A: I am ABSOLUTELY NOT planning on it. Seriously, I’m significantly overweight, I’m definitely not bishounen-looking enough, my hands and feet are defintely man-sized, and besides, you’ve got enough non-passing guys doing it for the humor or shock value of it. I’d expect Third Impact to happen first before I’d even consider it. (Plus, my mom would fucking kill me, then resurrect me to get me into therapy.)

Q: WAIT JUST A MINUTE THERE! What about your Phantasy Star Online cosplay from 2003, huh?
A: That was a male character, a FOmar (Male Human Force). FOmar character/job classes were available with Version 2 of PSO for Dreamcast, and Episode 2 for all other systems. (GameCube, XBox, and PC.) For the record, that costume was made for me by Miaka No Baka as a commission for a group skit for Fanime Con 2003, and I was wearing shorts underneath the cassock. It made it rather interesting when I had to use the restroom during Fanime 2003 Der Cosplay, and I missed the rather famous (or infamous) wardrobe malfunction that happened then with another cosplayer on stage.

Q: Huh? You had a blue sector ID – Wouldn’t “Raider3″ be Pinkal sector?
A: Yes, you’re right. In fact, that’s my character’s sector (“Raider3″ – HUmar (Male Human Hunter)) on PSO Blue Burst. The costume was related to everyone in our group being from the same sector. Essentially, you add enough spaces to the end of your character name, you can influence what sector ID you get. I forget how many spaces I had to add to the end of “Raider3″ to get the blue ID.

Q: How come you’re taking so long to get the rest of the site up?
A: I’m a procrastinator, plain and simple. The rest of the site will be up in due time, probably when you least expect it. At this time, I’m still recovering from the last round of vacations.

Q: You wrote all these FAQ questions yourself, didn’t you?
A: Why, yes, indeed. You’re welcome. ^_^;

Q: Are you planning to add on to this FAQ?
A: If the need arises. If anyone out there has any questions, they may be answered here.