San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival Cosplay and Parade 2009

Photos are being uploaded to the Network R3 Photos site as well as my Flickr account. It was very hot (I think it was even hotter than 2004!), and there were a lot of great costumes. (Plus one crappy one, but that one was my fault. ^_^;) Anyway, there’s over 580 photos for your viewing pleasure.

This post will be updates with thumbnails, links, and a small write-up. Some of us had heat exhaustion, some of just got minor sunburn and dealt with lack of sleep.

There were six of us at the end of the night at Sanppo, including DJ Sandman and Ray Nagar – If you weren’t there, well… What can I tell you? Anyway, fun, hot costumes, hot weather overall, but another great year added San Francisco tradition – 11 years and running!

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