R3 and Red Skies @ Night Is “Go” For Fanime 2008!

We have one confirmed costume, three possibilities, and one inspired by an Oscar-winning movie actor from earlier this year, and some silliness from Victoria Erica of Traveling Valentine.

Costume List as of 2008.5.17 @ 1925 Pacific Daylight Time:
1. Black Jack (R3 Signature Cosplay)
2. Possibility A: Porco Rosso (Need to see how baggy is it, in light of weight loss – I hope it’s cooler next weekend!)
3. Possibility B: Bean Bandit (New muscle-tee shirt prepared for modification. Yes, I’m shorter than Bean. Deal with it. I hope there’s a Rally Vincent in the area.)
4. Possibility C: Gendou Ikari (Have the jacket, have an actual costume beard this time, need a pimp cane, and portable sound system to crank out “1999″ – “It’s Gendou!” ringtone equipped on my RAZR.)
5. Not-so-top-secret Project: Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood, complete with a Giant Straw that “reaches a-c-r-o-s-s the room… and starts to drink your milkshake. I… Drink… Your… Milkshake! (Slurrrp!) I DRINK IT UP!“)
(Costume order and total costumes subject to change. This is crunch time!)

For now, I’m working to finish up some projects for other folks.

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