Cherry Blossom Festival 2008 Recap

Well, a “new” costume of sorts debuted, worn by Patrick (Still needs some work, but it got some comments by Gilles Poitras, so that can’t be too bad.) – Maximillian Genius (UN Spacy uniform) from Super Dimension Fortress Macross (Or, “Max Sterling” from Robotech – We were all newbies once…)

I, of course, was there, in my signature cosplay as Black Jack, and picked up a couple of stalkers in the process. ^_^;

Next event may possibly be an afternoon/evening junket up at CostumeCon in San Jose (Need to gather info, develop a budget, and see how I feel after being in a walkathon earlier in the day.) After that, there’s Fanime to plan for. There is one new costume in development (Another pre-fab job of sorts, and it has props to boot – Daniel Plainfield from P.T. Anderson’s “There Will Be Blood” – You can thank Victoria of Traveling Valentine for that idea, but I would have probably done it anyway – I did see the film, and “I Drink Your Milkshake!” really had an effect on me. – YES, I do have a giant straw – two of them, in fact.)

Photos Of This Event Are Available At:
My Flickr Site, as well as the Network R3 Photo Gallery.

Stay tuned for more developments, and be sure to check out this year’s Cherry Blossom Festival Parade pictures over on the Network R3 Photo site or on my Flickr account.

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