When You Know You’re Still In The Game: Being Recognized Out of Costume

This recently happened to me about three times today, all by longtime acquaintances on cosplay. (Yes, I’m one of those “old fossils” out there who are old enough to have raised come the current crop of cosplayers out there.)

Hellos going out to Lynda (“Pawteegal”), who was chaperoning some of the younger folks here today, Shawny (“shwong”), who was with her own little one in tow, and to Ronnie (“Kimiko”) and her two daughters.

Porco Rosso will probably make a late afternoon/evening appearance, as long as it stays cool, and I psych myself up enough to get into it. It is a rather warm costume, warmer than Black Jack (Which, of course, was worn last night, and refreshed for a possible encore.)

Next up: An appearance to get pictures at a Gurenn Lagann gathering (4:30 pm approx.) and a Vocaloids gathering (5:15 pm approximate), and hopefully another round of food intake and perhaps a chance to catch my breath.

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