Welcome to Fanime Con 2009!

As the first day of Fanime 2009 gets underway, here’s the costumes that will be making a return for Raider3…

Black Jack (From the anime and manga by Osamu Tezuka) – Raider3′s signature costume

Porco Rosso – From Hayao Miyazaki’s animation film – A Fanime debut from years previous, and always a fan favorite.

Bean Bandit – One of the original Raider3 costume creations, from Kenichi Sonoda’s wild Chicago-based courier. (Watch for him in the Gunsmith Cats manga and the Riding Bean OAV.)

An optional fourth costume. (Read: Dark gray pin-stripe suit – House of the Dead quick ideas are being worked on)

Coverage will be hosted here, mirrored at the Network R3 hub, and photos are going to Network R3 Photos and Flickr. I’m working under a bit of a handicap, having rushed around and left my main camera at home. (And not wanting to run a nearly 3-hour round trip to get it.) At least I brought my camcorder. ^_^;

Stay tuned for updates when possible.


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