SF CBF 2009 Photos Update

Photos are still in the process of being uploaded to Flickr (There’s nearly 600 of them, and sometimes the uploader has issues with getting as many pictures as possible transferred. I’ve been doing multiple runs to take care of what didn’t make it across the previous times.)

The Flickr gallery (currently in process) is here.

All photos are up on Network R3 Photos (photos.networkr3.com), and are available here.

All photos at Network R3 Photos are being resized to display at 640 x 480 max resolution (or 480 x 640, if they’re portrait orientation – Just planning for future growth within the storage size limitof the server.) – Full resolution photos are available at the Flickr gallery.

A write up is still in the works, in between work and other errands. Migration of previous event galleries when happen when time permits. (Full-time work schedule, end of college and all that…)

(Minor Update: One picture’s being pesky and won’t upload to Flickr – The issue will be resolved by tonight. Otherwise, enjoy the pictures!)

Stay Tuned!

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